Converting to Standard Subjects

Teachworks accounts created after November 20, 2016 record subjects in a standardized format and the "Subjects" field appears on student and employee profiles as a select menu.

For Teachworks accounts created before November 20, 2016 the "Subjects" fields on student and employee profiles are displayed as text boxes with a comma separated list of subjects.  

Switching to Standard Subjects

Accounts created before Nov 20, 2016, can switch to the new standardized subjects method by following the steps below:

Step 1 - Download your Employee and Student tables to Excel and view the "Subjects" column.  

Carefully look at the records to make sure all records contain subjects separated by commas.  If you need to make changes to any records, go to the employee or student profile and update the subjects field.

Step 2 - Go to the Employee or Students table and click the "Standard Subjects" option in the sidebar.

Step 3 - In the table click the "Convert to Standard Subjects" link.  The software will then go through all of your student and employee records and will create a standard subject from each comma separated subject in the subjects field. Any duplicates will be combined into a single subject.

Step 4 - Review the Subject Lists table.  If some subjects were not entered in comma-separated format, you will notice this in the Subject column of the table.  You will be able to correct the subject name and update the subjects field for any employee or student profiles that use this subject.

Step 5 - The "Subjects" fields on employee and student profiles will now display select menus with the employee or student's subjects selected.

Merge Option: After switching to Standard Subjects, you may notice some of your subjects that should be the same were named slightly different, for example, you may have "Math" and "Mathematics". You can merge these subjects into one using the Merge Option, the icon appears right beside the "Edit" and "Delete" option. 

By following the example above, if you want to convert the "Math" subject to "Mathematics", you will click the merge option under the "Math" subject and merge to "Mathematics". This will combine both subjects to one subject named "Mathematics".

Adding Standard Subjects

Find instructions for adding standard subjects here: Standard Subjects

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