Flagged Invoices

If you invoice clients for lessons in advance, you will likely make changes to lessons or cancel lessons which will affect the cost of the lessons that have already been invoiced.  If a lesson that has been added to an invoice is deleted or changed on the calendar, a red flag will appear next to the invoice number in the invoices table.  

Viewing the Changes

When you view the flagged invoice you will see tags that indicate the specific lessons that have changed or been deleted.  You will also see a tag next to the invoice total that indicates the change in the invoice total and how to account for it.

Accounting for the Changes

Invoice Not Yet Paid:
If the invoice has not yet been paid you will be prompted to update the invoice to use the current lesson details and costs.  The link provided will open the Edit Invoice form and will refresh the lessons.  

Invoice Already Paid:
If the invoice has already been paid and the invoice total has decreased, then you will be prompted to issue a credit note.  Clicking the link provided will open the form for creating a credit note and will automatically add a line to the credit note for the correct amount.  

If the invoice has been paid and the invoice total has increased, then you will be prompted to issue an invoice for the additional cost. The link provided will open a new invoice form with the a line item for the required adjustment.

Hiding Flags

In some situations you may want to simply hide flags.  You can click the "Invoice Options" menu at the top of the invoice and click "Hide Flags". 

Flags will be permanently hidden in these two situations:

1. If an invoice was previously flagged, but the manual “Hide Flag” option was applied to the invoice. The invoice won’t be flagged if the total changes again.

2. If an action was taken to account for the changes on the invoice (i.e. a credit note was issued). If the flags appear on the invoice, and someone clicks on the flag to create a credit note, the flags are automatically hidden from the invoice.

It's generally best to process flagged invoices once at the end of a billing period so that all changes can be handled at the same time before the invoice is set to hide flags. If you adjust a flagged invoice and hide the flags before the end of the billing period, and then other lessons on the invoice are changed on the calendar, the invoice won't be flagged for these changes because you've already hidden flags for that invoice.

To show hidden flags, go to the relevant invoice, click "Invoice Options", and select the option to "Show Flags".

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