LaTeX Lesson Notes Add-On

This add-on allows you to enter TeX and LaTeX in the internal and shared notes fields for a lesson to display math equations.  


Block Display - Wrap the LaTeX in $$ delimiters to display equations in a full width block
Inline Display - Wrap the LaTeX in \(...\) delimiters to display equations inline

When enabled, a preview button will appear below the notes fields allowing you to view the contents with any TeX or LaTeX text converted to equations.

Viewing Equations

When viewing saved lesson notes that include TeX or LaTeX, such as in the lesson details modal or in the Lesson Summaries report the TeX or LaTeX will be displayed as formatted equations.

Emailing Notes with LaTeX

If you email lesson notes that include LaTeX, it will appear as plain text in the email message, since the code that converts LaTeX markup will not be present in the client's email program.

You may want to suggest the client view the notes in their Teachworks account, or install a browser or email add-on (like TeX for Gmail) that will render the LaTeX in equation format. 

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