Troubleshooting SMS Reminders

Are some of your teachers and clients not receiving SMS reminders for lessons? You can view your SMS Logs to see if any error responses were returned for an SMS.

Here's what to do:
  1. Under "Account Settings", go to "Integrations & Add-Ons" and find the SMS Lesson Reminders Add-On. Click on "Logs" to go to your SMS records.
  2. Search for the relevant student name in the search bar
  3. Pay special attention to the "Status" Column. This column displays the message that was returned by your teacher or client's carrier. If the status reads "delivered" and your student did not receive it, the issue is likely with their carrier. If the status reads "undelivered" you can hover over it to see the reason. 

Each SMS has a status value which describes the current state of the message. If you're not sure what the SMS status means, you can find more information here.

Other things to consider:

1. User Settings

SMS reminders are enabled separately on each employee, family or student profile.  Go to a person's profile and confirm that SMS Lesson Reminders are enabled.

2. The cut-off time

SMS reminders are sent every hour on the hour. Make sure that all your lessons are scheduled before the number of "Lead Time Hours" prior to a lesson is reached. For example, if your "Lead Time Hours" are set to 7 hours and you schedule a lesson 6 hours prior to the lesson, then the SMS reminders will not be sent for that lesson because it missed the cut-off time.

3. The number format

Your SMS will likely fail (or possibly go to the wrong person) if the number formatting is not correct. Follow these guidelines when capturing numbers.

  • Outside of North America:

If your clients and employees are located outside of North America, you will need to use the E.164 format when capturing numbers. The format begins with a “+” symbol followed by the country code. For example, numbers in the UK would begin with +44 followed by the subscriber number. In many countries, local dialing requires a 0 at the beginning of the subscriber number. The 0 must be removed when using E.164 formatting (for example, 020 7183 8750 will be captured as 44 20 7183 8750)

  • In North America:

The SMS service will automatically convert US numbers to the correct format. As long as the number on the customer profile has 10 digits, you will be able to send SMS reminders without a problem. When in doubt, look up the number.

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