Website Booking Plugin

The Website Booking Plugin allows you to add a button to your website to let clients:

1. Book A Lesson

2. Join A Class

All information entered by clients (both old and new) is stored directly in Teachworks, making scheduling much easier to manage. To enable this add-on, go to “Account & Settings”, “Integrations & Add-ons” and then find the Website Booking Plugin. Click on “Settings” to start adding bookable lessons and open classes.

There are 5 steps involved in setting up the add-on:

Step 1: General Settings

Booking Modes: Here you can select which options you want to make available to your clients. You can choose between “Lesson Booking”, “Join Open Classes” or “Both”.

Booking Settings

Location: here you can set a default location for booked lessons.

Note: Open classes need to be scheduled on the calendar to display as an option, so the location set when the lesson is added will be used.

Minimum notice hours: the minimum number of hours prior to a lesson that a client can book or join an open class.

Booking Completion message: the message that will display after a client has booked a lesson or joined an open class.

Cancellation & Reschedule Instructions: This message will appear when a client views their booking details from the link in their booking confirmation email. You can include instructions for contacting you for rescheduling or cancellations.

Teacher List Settings

Name format - set how you would like teacher names to display (first and last, first name only, etc)

Display options - if you would like to include a photo of the teacher, you can select the checkbox (for booking a class only)

Button Appearance & Action

The plugin allows you to embed a single booking button on your website. You can customize the colour of the main button as well as the text it displays. A preview is included to make it easier for you to style it according to your company’s branding.

You can choose to open the booking form on the same page or on a separate page when people click on the button on your website.

Book or Join Text

If clients click on the main booking button above, additional options will show depending on what you’ve selected under “Booking Modes”. If you’re offering both options, they will be presented with 2 buttons. You can change the text that displays on the button by updating “Book Lesson Text” and “Join Class Text”.

Step 2 - Booking Options (for Book a Lesson option only)

This is where you will add the various booking options available to your clients. To add a new bookable lesson, click on “Add” and then complete these fields:

Display Name: The booking option name that will display on the booking form.

Service: The service that will be used when the lesson is added to the calendar. This will be used to set the price of the session.

Description: A description of what the lesson will entail (this can be left blank). Description:

Duration: The duration of the lesson

Bookable Teachers: This field will determine which teacher names are displayed after a client selects a booking option.  You have the option to display all teachers, or you can display only some teachers by either selecting a subject or the teacher's name.

Status: Enable or disable the option on the booking form.

Note: Employee Availability needs to be set on employee profiles for their available times to appear on the booking form.

Step 3 - Form Fields

If you would like to add additional fields to the booking form, you can do so here. The first name, last name and email are required fields. The required fields look like this:

Step 4 - Confirmation Emails

Here you can manage the email templates that are sent to clients and teachers.

Client confirmation email: The client confirmation email will be sent to the person who booked/joined a lesson. If it’s a family making the booking, the email will be sent to the family and the child if an email address is entered for both.

Teacher confirmation email: This is sent to the teacher who was selected by the client when they booked.

Note: Only use the merge tags listed for each template.

Step 5 - Adding the Code to Your Website

The final step is to embed the button on your website.

  • Inline Button Code: Paste this code on your web page to display the button inline. It will appear where you paste the code on your website.

  • Edge Button Code: Add this code before the closing body tag on your website. The button will be displayed along the bottom edge of the visitor's browser.

  • Booking Page URL: Access the booking page by copying this link in your browser. It can also be used in marketing efforts to drive customers directly to the booking page, or you can use the link for adding a custom button to your website.

Receiving a New Booking

When a client books a lesson the following will occur:

When booking a lesson:

  • The booking details are saved to your Teachworks account and a lesson is scheduled on the calendar.

  • Notifications will automatically be emailed to the client, teacher and your company's email address with the booking details.

  • If the client that booked the lesson is new, a profile is created for them in your Teachworks account.

When joining a lesson:

  • The booking details are saved to your Teachworks Account.

  • Students are added to the existing open class in the calendar.

  • Notifications are sent to the client, teacher and company with the relevant information.

  • If the client that booked the lesson is new, a profile is created for them in your Teachworks Account.

Viewing & Managing Bookings

You can view bookings in your Teachworks account by going to the Calendar tab and clicking the "Lesson Bookings" option. An action column is included to let you know if the client booked a lesson or joined a lesson.

You can also enable the Lesson Bookings widget on your dashboard to make it more convenient to view and manage bookings. You can find instructions for adding widgets to your dashboard here: Customizing the Dashboard.

New Client Profiles

When a client books a lesson they may be a new client, or they may be one of your existing clients.  The following scenarios are handled as follows:

Logged In - If one of your existing clients logs in and books or joins a lesson, their current details will be displayed on the booking form and the lesson will automatically be assigned to their existing profile in Teachworks.  Families will have the option to select which student to book the lesson for.

Not Logged In - If a client is not logged in when they book or join a lesson, Teachworks will check to see if their first name, last name and email address matches an client that already exists in your Teachworks account. The possible outcomes are handled as follows:

Matching Profile - If a profile with the same first name, last name and email is found then the lesson will be booked using the matching profile.

No Matching Profile - If the student and/or family details entered on the booking form do not match your existing profiles, a new profile will be created.  These profiles will have the status "Pending" and in the Bookings table under the "Client Status," you will have the option to activate a new profile or merge the pending profile with an existing profile in your account.

- Below are some screenshots of the Website Booking Plug-In. Most fields can be customized to your own company needs.

The list of your services will display like this:

Booking confirmation screen: 

Booking confirmation, this message can also be customized: 

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