Bulk Invoice Payments

Do you charge credit cards on behalf of your clients? You can now streamline this process by using the Bulk Invoice Payments feature.


You can enable the Bulk Invoice Payments feature within the Stripe Integration.

  1. Go to the Integrations & Add-ons page in your Teachworks account and click the “Manage” link below the Stripe Integration.
  2. Make sure the “Manage & Charge Cards on Behalf of Clients” option is enabled.
  3. Check the “Bulk Invoice Payments” checkbox.
  4. Submit the form.


You can select invoices for payment by going to the clicking the “Bulk Invoice Payments” link in the sidebar of the Invoices table.

The table will show invoices that meet the following conditions:

  • Invoice status is Approved
  • Customer that the invoice belongs to has a Stripe ID associated with their profile.
  • Invoice total is greater than $0.50


You must set a date range in the fields at the top of the table. By default these will be set to the current start and end of the current month. The search field in the sidebar will allow you to search for a customer or invoice within the selected date range.

Selecting Invoices for Payment

Using the checkboxes in the left column of the table, you can select individual invoices to process for payment.

The menu at the top of the left column allows you to select 1) all visible invoices, which will check the boxes for all invoices on the current page, or 2) all invoices, which will select invoices on all pages that match your date and search filter.

Submitting Invoices for Payment

After making a selection a green “Pay Invoices” button will appear above the check box column. Click the button to submit the invoices for payment.

Processing Invoice Payments

Invoices are processed in ascending order by number, so if a customer has more than one invoice. The invoice with the lower number will be paid before the one with the higher number.

Immediately before processing a payment, Teachworks will confirm that the invoice status is approved and that the balance is greater than $0.50.

Teachworks then connects to Stripe using the customer's Stripe ID and retrieves their credit card(s). The customers default card will be charged. If this card is declined and the customer has additional saved credit cards, the charge will be attempted for the additional credit cards until a payment succeeds or the customer has no more saved credit cards.

When a payment succeeds, it is recorded in your Teachworks account for the client, is allocated to the invoice that was paid, and the invoice is marked as paid. If you have payment receipt emails enabled, a receipt email will also be sent to the client.

Viewing Payment Attempt Results

You can view all payment attempts in the Payment Attempts table, including charges that succeeded as well as failed charges and the reason that they failed.


If you’re using our Bulk Payments feature, there will be no notification sent to the client. The same is true for charging a single card on behalf of a client. If a client pays from the invoice and their payment is declined, it will display this on the invoice.

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