Website Booking Plugin: Join A Class

If you have the Website Booking Plugin enabled, you can include open classes to allow students (both old and new) to join a class. To start using this feature the following has to be done:

  • The Open Classes Add-On needs to be enabled

  • The Website Booking Plugin has to be enabled

  • Under “booking modes” on the Website Booking Plugin settings, “Join Open Classes” has to be selected, or if you want to offer both options, “both” needs to be selected

  • Open lessons have to be scheduled in the calendar

What it looks like for your clients:

When clients go to your website, they will be able to click on the embedded booking button on your website and join an available class. Lessons up to 3 weeks in the future will be displayed, and clients can click on “view more” for lessons further into the future.

If you have selected to display both “Join A Class” and “Book a Lesson”, clients will be presented with two buttons after clicking on the main booking button. They can then click on the relevant button to join a class. The button will display “Join a Class” by default, but you can easily update this by going to the Website Booking Plugin (under Integrations & Add-ons), clicking on “Settings” and then scrolling to the bottom of the general settings page. You can then update the “Join Class Text” to something else. 

Clients can filter classes by date or teacher or they can search classes by using a keyword (such as “english”). Once they have found a class that they would like to join, they will be able to click on the “join” button and start completing their details. They can then click on “continue” to confirm their booking and then submit. After clicking submit, your selected completion message will be displayed.

For more information on how to tweak the settings for the “Join a Class” option, you can read our Website Booking Plugin article.

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