Website Booking Plugin: Book A Lesson

If you have the Website Booking Plugin enabled, you can allow your clients to book lessons with you directly from your website. To use this feature, the Website Booking Plugin has to be enabled and configured. You also need to add descriptive booking options to encourage more clients to book lessons with you.

What it looks like from a client perspective:

When clients (new and existing) visit your website, they will see a booking button in the bottom right corner. Clicking on this button will allow them to book lessons with their preferred teacher at a time that suits their schedule.

If you have selected to display both “Book a Lesson” and “Join a Class”, clients will be presented with two buttons after clicking on the main booking button. They can then click on the relevant button to book a lesson. The button will display “Book a Lesson” by default, but you can easily update this by going to the Website Booking Plugin (under Integrations & Add-ons), clicking on “Settings” and then scrolling to the bottom of the general settings page. You can then update the “Book Lesson Text” to something else.

After clients have selected a class, teacher and time slot, they will be able to confirm their booking and submit. Your selected completion message will be displayed and they will receive a confirmation email.

What it looks like in Teachworks:

After clients have submitted their booking, the following will happen:

  • A lesson will be added to the calendar

  • A profile will be created based on the information that was entered by the client. If there is a perfect match (first name, last name and email address), the lesson will be assigned to the existing client profile. If there are differences, you will be able to merge their profile with an existing one, or create a new profile altogether.

  • If the client is logged in when they are booking, their details will be pre-filled.

For more detailed information about this feature and how to configure it, please read our Website Booking Plugin article.

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