Adding and Approving Teacher Bios

Add more information about a teacher or staff member (such as where they studied, their milestones, their years of experience etc) directly on their profile by using the bio field. To add a bio, go to the relevant employee profile and click on edit.

Approving Bios

Teachers are able to edit their own bios, but their changes need to be approved by the admin (or staff with the relevant permission settings) before changes will reflect. Teachworks essentially saves two versions of the bio, and the original bio is only updated once the new bio is approved.

To approve a bio, go to the relevant employee’s profile and click on “edit”. Scroll down to the bio section and select the “Approve Draft” checkbox (remember to save the form).

Website Booking Plugin

If you use the Website Booking Plugin and you have the “Book a Lesson” option available, you can display teacher bios to give prospective clients more information about your teachers.

To enable teacher bios, go to “Integrations & Add-Ons”, scroll down to the Website Booking Plugin and click on “Settings”. On Step 1 (General Settings) you will find a section called “Teacher List Settings”. Simply select the bio checkbox and update the form. In the booking add-on, the Bio is shortened, and clients can click on "More" to see the full bio as follows: 

Updating Bios in Bulk

The import template for teachers and staff includes a bio column, allowing you to update employee bios in bulk. This article has more information.

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