Welcome SMS Add-On

Welcome new clients and employees to your business with a personalized welcome SMS. This add-on can be enabled on the Integrations and Add-ons page.


Editing templates:

The SMS template is fully customizable and you can easily add your own personalized message (of up to 160 characters) by following these steps:

  • Go to Integrations and Add-ons and scroll down to “Welcome SMS”, click on “Manage”.

  • Edit each template accordingly (Employee, Student, Family) - add the available merge tags to personalize the message further.

  • Click on “save”.

Sending the SMS:

To send a welcome SMS, the “Send Welcome SMS” option has to be selected on the user profile. This is located under the “Welcome Notifications” section of a user’s profile. Once the SMS has been sent, a timestamp will display on the user profile.


Buying SMS Credits:

In order to send welcome SMSs, you will need to purchase credits beforehand.  To purchase credits, click the "Buy Credits" link under the "SMS Lesson Reminders" section on the Integrations & Add-ons page.

SMS prices depend on the country of the recipient. To see the cost per SMS by country, you can select the relevant country from the “View SMS Rates by Country” menu.


Mobile Phone Number Format

Outside of North America:

You will need to enter mobile phone numbers on student, family or employee profiles using the E.164 format which begins with the country code including the "+" symbol at the beginning.  For example, phone numbers in the UK would begin with +44 followed by the subscriber number.

 In the UK and many other countries internationally, local dialing requires the addition of a 0 in front of the subscriber number. However, to use E.164 formatting, this 0 must be removed. A number such as 020 7183 8750 in the UK would be formatted as +44 20 7183 8750.

In North America:

The SMS service will automatically convert US numbers to the correct format. As long as the number on the customer profile has 10 digits you will be able to send text message notifications.

If you need to check if the format for a particular phone number is valid you can check here: https://www.twilio.com/lookup.

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