Location Links Add-On

With this add-on enabled, you can display a location name as a link to a web address. This add-on is a good solution for online tutors that use online whiteboards as the location name can be hyperlinked to an online whiteboard or meeting room. Students can simply click on the link in the calendar or on their lesson reminder email as soon as the lesson commences.  

If you tutor students at their homes, a link to their physical address can also be added to this field.

How to enable it:

Go to Account & Settings -> Integrations & Add-ons and then enable the Location Links Add-on. Once enabled, you can add a new location or edit an existing location. You will notice a new Link field and you can paste the link here (remember to include http:// or https:// at the front to make it clickable).

Where will the link appear?

The link will appear on pages where there is reference to the location. This includes:

  • In the calendar if you click on the View link

  • In lesson reminder emails

  • On the Locations page (Account & Settings -> Locations)

  • On the Lesson History page if you click on the lesson title

  • On the Lesson History by Student page if you click on the lesson title

What about sub-locations?

Individual links can be added to each individual sub-location. If you don’t add a link to a sub-location, the link added to the parent location will be applied automatically.

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