Creating Courses

Do you offer courses to your students? If you’re using our Website Booking Plugin or Open Classes Add-On, you can allow students to join a repeating series of lessons directly from your website or through their Teachworks account.

How to enable It

Go to Account & Settings -> Integrations & Add-ons -> Open Classes Add-On -> Manage and select the option to “Join Course”.

Once you’ve enabled this setting, you’ll see two options when selecting repeat settings for lessons:

  1. Join individual lessons - this option allows students to select specific lessons within a series.

  2. Join full course of lessons - this option allows students to join all classes in the course at once.

How to add a Course

To add a new course, follow these steps:
  1. Add a new lesson

  2. Check the option to “Allow students to join lesson” and set a space limit if required

  3. Select the “Repeat” checkbox -- a pop-up will appear

  4. Select the “Join full course of lessons” option to allow students to join all repeating lessons at once

  5. Add a title and description for the course

  6. Choose repeat settings

  7. Submit the form

Joining a Course with the Website Booking Plugin

If you’ve never used the Website Booking Plugin before, and you’d like to enable it to allow students to Join Open Classes, you can follow the steps in this article: Website Booking Plugin

Confirmation Emails:

If you’re already using our Website Booking Plugin to manage open classes, you’ll notice two new email templates exclusively for courses under the Email Confirmation section. Easily customize the “Join Course Confirmation Email” for both clients and teachers by clicking the edit link.

Client’s perspective:

If you’ve scheduled a course with the “Join full course of lessons” option enabled, students will see all upcoming courses with a “Join All” button next to it. They can easily view all lesson dates to make sure the course fits their schedule by clicking the "Show Dates" link.

Once they've clicked the "Join All" button, they will be prompted to add their details and the lesson dates will appear once again when they confirm their booking.

If you’ve selected the option to “Join individual lessons”, a “Join” button will appear next to upcoming open classes and students can join these open lessons one by one.

NOTE: If your course is not displaying, the start date has likely already passed, so the course will not appear. If you’d still like to give students the option to join future lessons in the course, you’ll need to edit the lesson’s repeat settings and choose the “Join individual lessons” option. Remember to apply your changes to all future lessons as well.

Company’s perspective:

When a student has joined a course, you can go to Calendar -> Lesson Bookings to easily manage their booking and activate their profile.

To quickly see all the lessons that they’ve been added to, click the lesson name and then click the green “View Lesson” button to see a list of all the dates.

Joining a Course with the Open Classes Add-On

If you’ve enabled user accounts for your students, they can login to Teachworks and join open classes directly from the calendar. Read more about the Open Classes Add-On here: Open Classes Add-On

Students will be able to view and join all upcoming courses by filtering the calendar to “Show Open Lessons”.

If they click on any of the lessons in the course, they’ll see a “Join” option. Clicking this link will bring up a popup on which they can view the course details and dates. They can then select the relevant student and click “Join” to enroll in the course.

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