QuickBooks Online Error Messages


“Duplicate Name Exists Error: The name supplied already exists. : Another customer, vendor or employee is already using this name. Please use a different name.”

When syncing customers to QuickBooks, Teachworks sends a request to QuickBooks to find any existing customer records that have the same first name and last name. If no match is found, then Teachworks will send a request to create a new customer. The error message above can occur if 1) a customer exists in QuickBooks with the same first and last name, but the customer is inactive in QuickBooks, or 2) there are extra whitespaces in the customer's first or last name in Teachworks or QuickBooks.

In either of the two cases above, when attempting to create the new customer the first and last name are combined to create a display name, and if this display name already exists, the customer new seen as a duplicate and an error message is returned.


"Invalid Reference Id: Invalid Reference Id : Line.SalesItemLineDetail.ItemRef"

This error message is likely caused by a service that was deleted in QuickBooks. When a service is created in Teachworks, and it's synced to Quickbooks for the first time, a unique ID is created for it in QuickBooks - this ID is then stored in Teachworks. Every time you sync to QuickBooks, the feed will look for that unique ID and if it doesn't find it you'll get an error message.

Fortunately, there is no permanent delete option in QuickBooks - items are just set to "inactive", so you can reactivate the service in QuickBooks which should resolve the issue. You can then attempt the sync again.

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