Teachworks API

The Teachworks API is an application programming interface that allows you to access the data in your Teachworks account in order to develop custom integrations and software.

API Access
API access is only available to companies on the "Growth" and "Premium" subscriptions. If you are still on Teachworks old pricing, it is available on the 400+ plan. 

Enabling the Teachworks API
To enable the API, follow these steps:

1. Log into your Teachworks admin account and go to the Account & Settings tab > Integrations & Add-ons and find the "API" section.
2. Click the "Enable" link.
3. Click the "Generate API Key" button.
4. You will use this key to access your account through the API.  Protect this key like a password and do not include it in any public web pages (it should be used on the server-side for public facing web pages).

API Documentation
You can find all of the instructions for using the Teachworks API by clicking the "Teachworks API Reference" link on the API page in the Integrations & Add-ons section of your account (see steps above).

We will be adding additional endpoints to the API for accessing additional types of data and managing records. If you are interested in an endpoint that isn't currently available, please contact us and we will look into adding it.

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