Repertoire Tracker Add-On

Our Repertoire Tracker Add-On allows music schools & teachers to keep track of the pieces that students are learning and performing.

Enabling The Add-On

To enable the add-on, go to Account & Settings -> Integrations & Add-Ons -> Repertoire Tracker -> Enable

Add-On Settings

If you’d like to give students the permission to manage their repertoire, you can click the “Manage” link below the add-on to set student permissions.

Adding A Repertoire

You can easily add and edit repertoires for students directly on their profile or by going to the Repertoires table.

Option 1: Repertoires Table

After you've enabled the add-on, the "Repertoire Tracker" will be added as a new menu item under the Students tab in your Teachworks account. Clicking this menu item will open up the Repertoires table.

To add a new repertoire for a student from this page, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Add Repertoire” link in the sidebar
  2. Select the relevant student and complete the necessary fields
  3. Submit the form

To edit a repertoire, go to the Repertoires table and click the “edit” icon next to the relevant repertoire.

Option 2: Student Profile

Find the relevant student from the students list, view their profile, and scroll to the “Repertoires“ section to add a repertoire or edit/delete existing repertoires.

Adding A Performance

Teachworks allows you to easily track the music your students are learning and you can also track performances related to these pieces. 

To add a new performance to a repertoire, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Students -> Repertoire Tracker
  2. Click the title of the relevant repertoire
  3. Click the “Add Performance” button
  4. Complete the necessary fields (Event, Date, Performance Grade and Comments)
  5. Submit the form


Repertoires can be added, edited and deleted by:

  • The company admin
  • Staff accounts with permission to view or manage Students & Families
  • Assigned teachers


If you’ve set the “Student permission” on the “Repertoire Tracker Settings” page to manage, students will be able to add/edit/delete their repertoires.

Families/parents can only view repertoires.

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