Last Lesson Report

The Last Lesson Report allows you to easily spot student inactivity up to a selected date. Based on your findings, you can follow up with your customers to schedule more lessons, or deactivate their profiles altogether. 

Where to Find the Report

You can find this report under the “Reports” tab in your Teachworks account. The report can be accessed by the company admin or staff with permission to “View Analytics Reports”.

Setting Filters
  • Lessons Up To: This can be adjusted to a past of future date. Results up to this date will appear when you generate a report
  • Lesson Status: Filter results by Attended, Cancelled, Missed, Scheduled or include All lessons
  • Type - The type of customer to include in the report (Students / Families). If you select the “Family” option, you will see the last lesson for any of the assigned child students
  • Type Status - The status of the customer’s profile (Active / Inactive / Prospective)

Available Columns
  • Aside from the customers general information (first name, last name, email address and phone numbers) the report also includes the following columns:
  • Last Lesson: this is the date on which the last lesson occurs for the student
  • Days Passed: this is the number of days that have passed since the student last had a lesson up to the selected date.

Downloading the Report

The report can be downloaded to Excel, CSV or you can use the Print option to print the report or save it in PDF format.

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