Student Groups Add-On

Our Student Groups Add-On allows you to easily create student groups that can be used to add multiple students to a lesson quickly and efficiently.

This add-on is useful for any company that offers group lessons. If you run a music school for example, and you have frequent group sessions with the same students, you can create a student group to make it very easy to select them when scheduling lessons. If you are running a summer bootcamp and it involves a group lesson, you can create a group for these students to streamline scheduling.


To enable this add-on go to Account & Settings > Integrations & Add-Ons > Student Groups: Enable.


Once enabled, you can click the “Manage Groups” link to configure the add-on. To add a new student group, click the “Add Student Group” link on this page.

Creating a Student Group

1. Click the “Add Student Group” link in the sidebar.

2. Add a Group Name (remember to make this as descriptive as possible to make it easy to identify the appropriate group when scheduling lessons).

3. Click in the “Students” field to add a student to the group and repeat this action until you’ve added all the relevant students. You can also begin typing a name in the box to search for matching names.

4. Choose to make the group visible to "All Teachers" or only "Selected Teachers". If you choose the Selected Teachers option, you’ll be able to select the relevant teachers from the list.

5. Click “Save” or “Save & Add Another” to quickly another group.

Note: Students can also be added to a group directly from their profile. You can find this option under Student Details > Student Groups

Assigning a Student Group to a Lesson

1. When adding a new lesson, click the “Add Students from Group” link that’s located just below the “Students” field. 

2. Select the relevant group from the list and click the “Add” button to assign the students in the group to the lesson.

3. If you’d like to assign another group to the lesson, click the “Add Students from Group” link again and repeat the steps above.


All groups are visible in the admin account and staff accounts with permission to manage students. If you’ve made the group visible to specific teachers, these teachers will be able to select the group when scheduling lessons. Only students that are assigned to the teacher will be added to the lesson.

If you'd like to assign a student to a teacher, you can follow the steps in this article: Assigning Students to a Teacher

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