Website Profiles Add-On

Our Website Profiles Add-on allows you to add a line of code to your website to display profiles for your teachers and staff using the data captured on their Teachworks profiles.


To enable this add-on go to Account & Settings > Integrations & Add-Ons and set “Website Profiles” to “Enabled”. You can then click the Settings link to start configuring the add-on.


Profile Options

This section allows you to control the information that appears on the profiles. The data is pulled directly from employee profiles, so you may want to make sure that all the selected fields are up-to-date for each employee.

You can choose to display or hide the following fields:

First Name (required), Last Name, Last Name Initial, Photo, Position, Bio, City, State
Teacher Since, Subjects, General Availability

Style Options

In this section you can edit the color of the name tag and text to match your branding and website design.


Here you can choose how you’d like teacher profiles to display on your website. The Add-On supports two layouts:

1. Grid - teacher profiles are displayed in a grid format

2. Directory - teacher profiles are displayed in a list format

If you choose the grid format, a total of 10 profiles will be displayed initially and website visitors will be able to keep viewing more profiles in groups of 10.

If you choose the directory format, a total of 10 profiles will be displayed initially and these will be replaced by the next 10 results if website visitors view more profiles (previous and next buttons are included).

When website visitors click the “View Profile” button or name tag, they’ll see more information about the employee:


Here you can choose the employees (both staff and teachers) that you would like to include on your website. Click in the field to select employees from a list or start by typing the first few
letters of their name.

Website Profiles Script

You can find the profiles script in this section. Copy the line of code and paste it in your website’s html where you want the profiles to appear.


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