Adding Lessons

There are a few different ways to reach the "Add Lesson" form to schedule new lessons.

Method 1
Click the “Add Lesson” option under the Calendar tab.

Method 2

Click a date on the calendar. Confirm adding a lesson in the pop-up that appears. You will then be directed to the Add Lesson form with the date field pre-filled. 

Method 3

When on one of the calendar's “agenda” views such as the Week and Day views, you can click and drag your cursor to set the start and end time for a lesson. Confirm adding a lesson in the pop-up that appears. You will then be directed to the Add Lesson form with the date, start and end pre-filled. 

Once you're on the "Add Lesson" form there are several fields to complete described below.

Select the students that will be included in the lesson from the select menu by clicking on a student.  To select multiple students click on each student and their name will be added to the field.  You can also type a student's name to bring up matching results.

Enter a title that will be displayed on the calendar.  You can include the student's name and subject, a course code or whatever you need to identify the lesson on the calendar.

Check the box after the title field to display the description field.  You can enter details about the lesson i this box.

This field is required for all lessons. It can be changed later on if necessary.

This field is also required. If you haven't added any services to your account you should complete that step first.

Set the location of the lesson.  This is a required field.

Size Limit
Enter a size limit to the lesson.  This field is optional.  If you leave it blank there will be no limit.

Start and End
Set the start date and time and end date and time. 

Repeat Settings
To schedule a series of repeating events check the "Repeat" box.  A modal window will open with the repeating options.  Choose your repeating options and submit the form.

Check for Conflicts
You can click the "Check Conflicts" button to see if the teacher has any other lesson or availability conflicts with the lessons that you're about to schedule.

Submit the Form
Submit the form to schedule your lessons.

Need some more help? Watch a video here.

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