Deleting Lessons

Before deleting a lesson you may want to consider cancelling the lesson instead. Cancelling is suitable if you've already invoiced for the lesson and you want to keep a record that the lesson was scheduled, but was then cancelled.

If you still want to delete a lesson or multiple lessons, follow these steps:

  1. Find the lesson on the calendar.

  2. Click on the lesson.

  3. Click the "Delete" link in the pop-up.

  4. Choose the appropriate delete option

  • Delete Current Lesson Only - choose this option if you only want to delete the lesson that you clicked on.

  • Delete Current & Repeating Future Lessons - if the lesson that you clicked on is part of a series of repeating lessons choose this option to delete the current lesson and all later lessons.

If a lesson has already been completed you will need to change the status back to "Scheduled" in order for the delete option to be displayed in the pop-up.  You can change the status of a lesson using the "Complete" form or for multiple lessons by following the instructions here: Changing the Status for Multiple Lessons.

Need some more help? Watch a video here.

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