Completing Lessons

After a lesson has been finished, the teacher can complete the lesson by recording the lesson details including the attendance of the student or students, enter private notes about the lesson, and enter shared notes about the lesson that can be viewed by the student or parent in their teachworks account or can be sent by email to the student or parent.

The following options are dependent on the employee's permission settings:

  • start and end times - they can be locked or you can allow the teacher to adjust them as needed

  • student cost - can be adjusted, locked or hidden.

  • Send notes - can be enabled or disabled. If you want to review all notes before they are sent to parents or students you can disable this and then send the notes from your administrator account.

To complete a lesson, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the calendar and click on the lesson to be completed.

  2. Click the "Complete" option in the pop-up.

  3. The top section displays the event details and typically no changes will be required in this section.

  4. The lower section includes each student in the lesson and includes the following fields

    • Attendance status
    • Private notes
    • Shared notes
    • Depending on the teacher's permission settings, the cost and option to send the shared notes may also be visible.

  5. After entering the correct values for each of the fields click the "Submit" button if you don't need to complete any other lessons, or click the toggle button and you can submit the lesson and go to the next uncompleted lesson.

Setting Status for Multiple Lessons at Once

You can also complete multiple lessons at once by going to the Lesson History table under the Calendar tab and clicking the check mark in the lesson's row.
At the top of the table select the status and click the button to save it.  The selected status will be applied to all selected lessons.  

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