Lesson Status

Lessons have the following statuses:


When a lesson is first scheduled the status will be set to "Scheduled".


When a student attends a lesson the status should be set to "Attended".


If a student provides enough advance notice according to your company policies that they will not be able to attend a lesson you should set the status to "Cancelled".

  • When a lesson is cancelled from a teacher's account for all of the students, the wage will be set to zero. If the cost field is hidden in the teacher's account it will also be set to zero.

  • In admin and staff accounts the cost field is visible and will be set to zero when "Cancelled" is selected. You can override this if you want by changing the cost field after setting the status.


When a student doesn't attend a lesson and did not provide enough advance notice or provided no advance notice, the status should be set to "Missed".

  • The wage and cost will remain at the original amounts and can be adjusted by an administrator according to your company policy for missed lessons.

The status of the lesson can affect the cost and wage, so it's important that you select the correct status when completing lessons.

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