Each company that uses Teachworks has it's own subdomain for accessing the software. Your login page and user accounts can only be accessed on this subdomain. Usually, companies use their company name as the first part of their subdomain. For example:

You initially set your subdomain when you created your Teachworks account, but you can change it in your Account Settings.

  1. Go to the Account & Settings tab and click on Account Settings.

  2. Go to the Company Information section.

  3. Enter your new subdomain in the subdomain field.

  4. Save the form.

It's important to be aware that changing the subdomain will mean that anyone trying to access their account at the old subdomain will not be able to log in. Also, any links sent in emails or for invoices will no longer be valid. For these reasons, if you're going to change your subdomain you should do it as early as possible.

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