Allocating Credit or Unallocated Payments to an Invoice

If you've created a credit note for a client or the client has payments that have not been allocated to an invoice, you can apply the credit or payment to any approved, unpaid invoices. 

To allocate credits or payments follow the steps below:

1. Go to the invoice that you want to allocate the credits or payments to.

2. If a payment or credit is available for the customer you can use either of the following options:

a) Look for the line below the invoice totals section that shows that the customer has unallocated payments or credits available.  Click the "Apply to Invoice" link, or

b)  On the invoice click the "Invoice Options" in the upper right corner and click the "Allocate Credit" option.

3. On the "Allocate Credit & Payments" form enter the amount of money you want to allocate to the invoice from the customer's unallocated credits or payments.

4. Submit the form.

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