Stripe Integration

To accept online payments from your customers you can create a Stripe account and then connect it to your teachworks account.

Stripe is a payment processor that provides companies with several unique benefits for payment processing including:

  • No monthly fee or setup fees - only a small percentage of the processed transactions is charged. 

  • No fees for declined transactions

  • No merchant account required

  • Begin accepting payments immediately after signing up

If you don't have a Stripe account yet you can sign up for one at or you can sign up during the process of connecting your teachworks account with Stripe.

To connect your teachworks account to your stripe account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Account & Settings tab and click "Integrations & Add-Ons"

  2. Under the Stripe section, click the "Manage" link.

  3. Click the button to "Connect to Stripe"

  4. Choose to allow Teachworks to connect to your Stripe Account.

  5. If you have a Stripe Account already you can just log in, otherwise you can complete the Stripe sign up form.

  6. Once completed you will be directed back to your Teachworks account and you should see the options for the Stripe integration.

  7. Now when clients view their invoices, a "Pay Online" button will be displayed on the invoice allowing them to pay online by credit card.

Disconnecting from Stripe

If you ever want to stop accepting online payments from your customers, you can log into your Stripe account and disconnect from Teachworks by following these steps:

  1. From your Stripe Dashboard your account name in the upper right corner and then click Account Settings.
  2. Click on the "Connect" option.
  3. Click the "Connected Applications" option.
  4. Click the "X" next to the Teachworks app.

Managing Cards & Charging Cards on Behalf of Clients

1. Enabling - By default, clients are able to manage and pay invoices with credit cards on their own.  If you would like to be able to manage and charge credit cards on behalf of clients from administrator or staff accounts you can check the "Charge & Manage Client Cards" check box under found under "Integrations & Add-ons > Stripe > Manage".

2. Adding Credit Cards to Client Profiles - Once enabled a "Credit Cards" field on client profiles and will have a "View & Manage" link that you can click to add, edit or delete the client's credit cards.  

3. Charging Clients - When you view a client's invoice from your admin or staff account and the client has a credit card saved, the payment form displayed at the bottom of an unpaid invoice will display an option to charge the invoice balance to one of the client's saved credit cards.

Note: In order for Staff employees to manage and charge credit cards they must have the "Students & Families" and "Accounting" permission settings on their profiles both set to "Manage".

Issuing a Refund

Recording a refund in Teachworks will only create a record of the refund, but it will not actually return the money to your client's credit card. To refund a credit card payment, you will need to login to Stripe and click on the "Refund" option. Your customer should see the refund as a credit approximately 5 - 10 business days later, depending on their bank.


Stripe supports 138 currencies. In order for your payments to be processed by Stripe, you must make sure that the currency for your Teachworks account is included in Stripe's supported currencies: Stripe Currencies

Payment Received Notification 

If you wish to have the option to send your customers a "Payment Received Email" you will need to enable the "Payments received Email" in your "Account Settings" > "Invoice Settings". This setting will allow you to send your customers an email each time a payment is recorded - providing they have a valid email address.

Stripe Fees 

In order to see the total of your Stripe fees, you will need to access your Stripe account. You can find more information on Stripe fees and how to access a report here: 

Stripe Accounting Reporting  

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