Importing Employees

If you need to upload a large number of employees you can use the import feature. This allows you to enter the information for each student in an Excel template and then uploading the template to create records.

To upload employees, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Employees tab and click "Import Employees"

  2. Download the appropriate template.

  • Teachers - use this template for uploading teaching employees. 

  • Staff - use this template to upload non-teaching employees.

  1. Fill in the template by following the instructions here: Instructions for Completing Teacher and Staff Templates.  These instructions will explain how to set the values in each field. Follow the instructions exactly in order for your records to be uploaded correctly.

  2. Choose the method for processing the records. The options include:

  • Create New Records

  • Update Matching on First & Last Name

  • Update Matching on Email Address

  1. Select the template file and submit the form.

  2. If there are no validation errors, all of the records will be uploaded.

  3. If there are validation errors only the valid records will be uploaded and the rows with errors will be indicated. You'll need to correct these rows in the template and upload them again.

  • If you have some records that have already been uploaded and you do not want to create duplicate records when you upload the corrected records, you should either 1) remove all of the correct records from the upload template, or 2) select one of the "Update" options so any duplicate records will be updated instead of duplicated.

  1. If you want to create a user account and send a welcome email you will need to do this from the student and/or family's profile after uploading.

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