Cost & Wage Premiums

A cost and wage premium is an extra amount that can be added to the cost and/or wage for lessons. If your teachers ever need to travel to meet with students, then you might add a premium for students that live over a certain distance from your company.


To enable Cost & Wage Premiums follow these steps:

  1. Under the Account & Settings tab, click "Account Settings".

  2. Scroll down to "Wage & Cost Settings".

  3. Set the "Cost & Wage Premiums" to "Enabled"

  4. Save the form.

Setting Values

After you've enabled cost premiums you can add a new cost premium by following these steps:

  1. Click "Premiums" under the Account & Settings tab.

  2. Click the "Add Premium" link in the sidebar.

  3. Enter a name for the premium.

  4. Enter the amount per lesson to charge.

  5. To pay the teacher a higher wage for students that are charged a cost premium, enter the wage premium.

  6. Submit the form.

To apply the cost premium to a student's lessons, set the Cost Premium field on their profile to the appropriate cost premium. When this field is selected the cost premium will automatically be added to all of their lessons when they are scheduled or edited.

Wage Premiums

In your Cost & Wage Premiums list there is an option to add a wage premium which increases the teacher's wage if a student is charged a cost premium.

For individual lessons the wage premium is straight-forward since there is only one student.  The wage premium will match the amount listed for whatever cost premium has been set for the student.

Since wage premiums are always "per lesson" and not "per student" the wage premium for a lesson with multiple students is calculated differently.  In this scenario, the wage premium will be the highest wage premium based on the premiums of the students in the lesson.  

For example, in a lesson with two students.  One has a wage premium of $5 and the other has a wage premium of $10.  The teacher's pay for the lesson will be increased by the wage premium of $10 since it is the highest of the two wage premiums.

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