Locations are the places where you provide your tutoring services. The location for a lesson is set when you schedule the lesson. You can view your locations by clicking on Locations under the Account & Settings tab. If you have already added locations they will be listed in this table.

To add a new location follow these steps:

  1. From the locations table click the "Add Location" link in the sidebar.

  2. Enter a name for the location

  3. Select a color for the location - this will be used if you select the option to color-code your calendar by location. The colors are also used for any breakdown reports that use location for classification.

  4. You can set up sub-locations within your main locations (ie. for rooms within a tutoring center).  To do this, check the "Is sub-location" box and then select the location that the sub-location belongs to.

  5. If you don't want to include this location in your Location Calendar then check the box next to "Exclude from Location Calendar".

  6. You can include an address if you want. This may be useful for students to find your location. For example, you might add a location with the name "Room 1" and you would enter your company address in the address fields.

  7. Submit the form. If you want to add another location click the "Submit & Add Another".

Editing an existing location follows the same steps as above except for the first step you need to click the pencil icon in the row of the location that you want to edit.

To delete a location click the "X" in the row of the location that you want to delete.

Need some more help? Watch a video.

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