Breakdown Reports

Breakdown reports are located under the Reports tab. Breakdown reports allow you to view the breakdown of a particular measure by category for a particular date range. They display a table with a list of the results, their values, and their percentage of the total. They also display a pie chart that displays the color-coded results.

The settings for the breakdown report are located in the sidebar.

  1. Set the start and end dates.

  2. Select the measure that you want to display. Options include lesson revenue, payments received, wages, hours, lesson count, lesson count by student, package units, and package revenue.

  3. Select the category that the results will be classified by. These include service, teacher, location and status. The options that are available will depend on the measure that has been selected.

     4. Submit the form to generate the report.


Lesson Revenue

Lesson revenue takes into account all the lessons on the schedule and calculates revenue for the date range chosen regardless or payments received.

Payments Received 

Shows a report of all the payments that have been recorded in the system.


Shows a report for all the employee earnings for the period selected. You can choose to filter the wage report by service, teacher, location or status. 

Hours / Hours Per Student 

Creates a report based on all the hours scheduled in the date range selected. You can choose to filter hours and hours per student by service, location, teacher, status and custom status. 

"Hours" reports the duration of all lessons, "Hours per student" shows the lesson hours per each student. For example, a 1-hour lesson with 3 students will count as 1 hour for the "Hours" report, but as 1 hour for  each of the students in the lesson in the "Hours Per Student" report. 

Lesson Count / Student Lesson Count 

Lesson counts show the total lessons in the calendar in the date range selected. You can filter lesson count by service, teacher, location, status and custom status. Lesson count per student shows a total of all the student lessons per day.  

Package Units 

This filter will display the total lessons purchased per package in the date range selected. 

Package Revenue 

Displays the revenue for all package units purchased regardless of payment. 

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