Lesson Summary Report

The Lesson Summaries report can be found under the Reports tab. This report is used to display information related to lessons in a list format.

Report Settings

The report includes the following types of fields

1. Data Type - "Lessons by Student" displays lesson details with information related to the students in a lesson such as the cost, notes, etc. The "Lessons" data type displays top level information about a lesson such as the total fees, wage, profit, etc. but does not include details relating to individual students in the lesson.

2. Dates - Select start and end dates.

3. Filters - Select one or more options to filter the lessons.

4. Format - Display results in list format or totals.

5. Grouping - Choose how to group results or do not group them and they will appear in chronological order.

6. Order - Choose ascending or descending order.

7. Columns - select which columns to display for each of the results.

8. Logo - If you are printing or saving a report to PDF to provide to a client you can check the box to include the logo at the top of the report.

Saving Reports

If you frequently generate a specific type of report, you can save the settings by checking the "Save Settings" checkbox and entering a title.  

Once saved you can select the "Used Saved Settings" option and select the report from the menu. 

The saved settings will be pre-filled and you can adjust the date to use the new time period.

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