User Account Types

Teachworks has five types of user accounts, each with different abilities and access to different information.

Admin Account 

This is the account that was created when you signed up for Teachworks. The admin account has access to everything in Teachworks and is the only account that is able to manage the subscription settings or create employee accounts with permission to manage company settings.

Staff Accounts

Staff accounts are for non-teaching staff including receptionists, bookkeepers, accountants, etc. You can set the permissions for each staff account under the Access & Permissions section to give them access to only certain parts of your teachworks account related to their role. Teachers that also perform non-tutoring activities should be set up as a staff user.

Teacher Accounts 

Teacher accounts are for teachers. There are some permission settings that you can set on the teacher's profile to control which information and abilities they will have. Teacher accounts have access to their own information including their contact details, students and schedule.

Family Accounts

Family accounts are for families, companies or other groups that pay on behalf of students in their family. Family accounts have access to their billing information and the contact information, lesson history and schedules of the students belonging to their family.

Student Accounts

Student accounts include independent students that are billed directly and child student accounts which belong to a family. Student accounts have access to their own information.

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