Tracking Non-Teaching Hours

Regular teaching hours are tracked using the lessons scheduled for a teacher on the calendar.

You can track an employee's non-teaching hours using the "Other Events" form.  Follow these steps to record non-teaching hours:

1. Under the Calendar tab click the "Add Other Events" option.

2. In the "Event is for" field select "Selected Employees".

3. From the Employee menu select the Employee.

4. Select the Work type.  If you don't have any work types you can add them by following the instructions here: Adding Work Types.

5. Enter a title that will appear on the event on the calendar. 

6. Enter a description with the details of the work.

7. Set the start and end time.

8. If you want the work to repeat, check the "Repeat" box and enter the repeat settings.

9. Submit the form.

Employee's non-teaching events will appear on the calendar and in the Employee Hours table under the Employees tab.

Wages for Non-Teaching Hours

You can designate on an employee's profile the method used to set the employee's wage for non-teaching hours in the "Non-Teaching Wage Type" .  You can either set it on the employee's profile or use the hourly rates set in your Work List.

In order for a wage to be set for non-teaching hours, a work type must be selected when scheduling the hours.

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