Adding Unavailability

An employee's general availability can be set on the employee's profile under the Availability section.

For times when the employee is unavailable during their normally available times, you or the employee can add a separate unavailability by following these steps:

1. Under the Calendar tab click the "Add Unavailability" option.

2. Select the employee from the Employee menu.  If you are a teacher the employee menu will not appear and the unavailability will be automatically assigned to your account.

3. Enter the start and end times of the unavailability.

4. If the unavailability is going to repeat for a period of time, check the "Repeat" box and enter the repeat settings.

5. Submit the form.

The unavailability will be displayed on the Week and Day views of the main calendar when filtered by employee and on the Teacher Calendar Day view.

Note: If you notice overlapping grey blocks in the calendar, it's because unavailable times are overlapping with general unavailability. Aside from looking a bit messy in the calendar, it won't really do any damage to keep it like this - the conflict checker will still work as intended.

If you would like to clean up the calendar a bit (and have 1 solid grey block instead of blocks overlapping), you can edit the unavailability and set the times to anything that falls within the normal available times for the employee. If unavailability was added separately, the grey block is clickable and you'll have the option to edit the unavailability.

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