Calendar Feeds Add-on

Calendar is a standard format used to share calendar data between programs.  It's used and supported by a wide range of calendar programs including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird and more.

Teachworks allows you to enable Calendar feeds for your account and for your employees so that you or your employees can subscribe to events from your Teachworks calendar in other calendar programs. Teachworks feeds return events 2 weeks prior to the current date and 12 weeks into the future.

Enabling Calendar Feeds

1. Go to the Account & Settings tab and click "Integrations & Add-ons".
2. Find the Calendar Fee integration and click "Manage".
3. Check the boxes for company feeds and/or employee feeds.
4. Submit the form.

Your company feed will be displayed below the check box for the company feed.  Employee feeds are displayed on employee profiles.

Feed Types

Company Feed - this Calendar feed is for all of the events in your account. After enabling the company feed and submitting the form, your company feed url will be displayed below this field.

Employee Feeds - these are separate Calendar feeds for each employee. Once enabled you can retrieve the employee's Calendar feed from their profile.

Feed Filters

You can further control the feeds by adjusting the filter parameter on the end of the feed url.  The available filter parameters are "all", "lessons", "other", "other_shared".  The default is set to "all".

All – displays lessons and other non-teaching events from the calendar
Lessons – displays only lessons
Other – displays only non-teaching events belonging to the company or employee.
Other Shared - this setting is for employee feeds and will display any non-teaching events from your company that specify "Everyone" or "Employees" as the audience.
Locations - this allows you to display lessons and other events for a single location.  See below for instructions.

You may want to add separate feeds to your calendar program for lessons and other events to make it easier to distinguish between the two feeds.

Adding Calendar Feed to Calendar Programs

You can read the instructions for your calendar program to find out how to subscribe to an Calendar feed.

Below are links to instructions for some of the more popular calendar programs.

Apple Calendar

Microsoft Outlook

Yahoo Calendar

Google Calendar

Note about Google Calendar

Google Calendar updates calendar subscriptions infrequently and does not support manually refreshing a calendar feed.  For this reason, you should not rely on Google Calendar if you require up-to-date events in your calendar.

Filtering by Location
If you are a staff or admin you can filter your feeds by location by following these steps:

1. Go to your locations list and click the "Edit" option for the location that you want to filter by.

2. Look at the URL displayed in your browser's address bar and note the number as shown in the image below:

3. At the end of your existing calendar feed URL add a slash "/" and put the location number from the previous step after the slash.  This calendar feed will now only display lessons for the selected location.

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