Custom Profile Fields Add-on

The student and employee profiles in teachworks contain several standard fields for recording contact information, billing details, and more.  However, you can also create as many custom fields as you want to store additional information for both student and employee profiles.

To add custom profile fields follow these steps:

1. Go to the Integrations & Add-Ons page under your Account & Settings tab.

2. Find the Custom Profile Fields add-on and click the "Add New" link, or click the "Manage" link if you want to edit an existing custom profile field.

3. Select the type of profile that you want to display the field on (Customer, Student or Employee). Note: "Customer" fields appear on family and independent student profiles.

4. Enter a name for the custom field.  This will appear above the field on the profile form.

5. Select the input field type.  The options include:
  • Text field - a single line for typing in text.
  • Text area - a larger text box for typing in larger amounts of text.
  • Select - a drop-down select menu with one or more options.
  • Check box - a single checkbox that can be checked or unchecked.
  • Radio button - allows user to select one of multiple options.
6. If you've selected an input type that will have multiple options (ie. select or radio) enter the options in the option field.  Separate each item with a comma. 

7. Save the form, or click the "Save & Add Another" to repeat the process.

8. Once you've added several custom fields you can set the order by going to the custom fields table (click the "Custom Fields List" link in the sidebar of the "Add Custom Field" page).  Move your cursor over the rows and drag and drop the rows into the correct order.  


Custom fields for student profiles are for internal use, so they are visible to staff and the student's teachers but they are not visible to students or parents.  Staff with permission to edit student fields can manage the data in these fields.

Employees can view and manage the custom fields on their own profiles.  Staff with permission to manage employees can also manage the content in custom fields for other employees.

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