Master Accounts

If you have more than one business location, you can create a master account to make it easier to manage your locations and to add new locations.

Master accounts allow you to easily switch between the accounts for each of your locations and you can save default settings to use for setting up new location accounts.

Creating a Master Account

To add a master account follow these steps:

1. From your existing company account, go to the Account Settings page.

2. In the sidebar click the "Create Master Account" link.

3. Complete the form with the settings for your master account.

4. After submitting the form a confirmation email will be sent to the email address entered for your master account.  Click the confirmation link in the email to confirm your master account.

5. Log into your master account using the master account link in the confirmation email and add it to your browser's bookmarks for future use.

Using the Master Account

Once you've confirmed your master account you can log in and you will see a list of the company account associated with your master account.

1. Adding Accounts
You can add additional accounts by clicking the "Add Account" link and completing the form.  Once added the new company will appear in your list of Accounts. A confirmation email will be sent to confirm the account, and once confirmed you will be able to log in and set up the accounts.

2. Default Settings
You can save default Account Settings to speed up the process of adding new accounts by going to the Settings tab, clicking the Default Branch Settings option, and completing the form.

3. Switching to Branch Accounts
You can switch to any of the accounts associated with your Master account by clicking the "switch" icon in the Account List.  When you switch to a company account you will have full administrator privileges for that account.  A bar will appear below the navigation menu when you are viewing an account as the master administrator and includes a button to switch back to the master account.

4. Reports
You can view Breakdown and Time Series reports for individual accounts or on a consolidated basis by clicking the options below the Reports tab.  

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