Applying New Cost & Wages to Existing Lessons

In teachworks, lesson costs and wages are set at the time a lesson is scheduled, or when you edit a lesson. These are calculated using the billing settings on the student's profile, the wage settings on the employee's profile and possibly the cost and wage for the items in your service list (depending on the profile settings).

Therefore, if you make a change to a student's billing settings, an employee's wage settings, the cost and wage in your price list, or the cost and wage in your premiums list (if you've enabled this feature) you will need to update the lessons that you want to apply the new settings to.

For example, if you have a series of lessons that repeat daily for two months and at the beginning of the next month you want to change the cost and wages in your service list, you'll need to follow these steps:

Completed Lessons 

If the lesson has already been completed, click on the lesson, then click on "Complete". If the wage field is editable you can edit the wage and cost and save. If it is not editable, and you prefer to apply the changes to the lesson series, set the lesson back to "Scheduled" then save. You can then follow instructions #3 below for existing lessons. 

Uncompleted Lessons 

1. At the beginning of the month that you want to implement your cost and wage change, update your service list with the new costs and wages.

2. Any new lessons schedules will use the new cost and wage.

3. For any existing lessons that you want to update, follow these steps:

1) Click on the first lesson of the month in the repeating series.  

2) Click "Edit" in the pop-up.  

3) You don't need to make any changes to the edit form, but you need to select the option to apply the changes to the current and future lessons.

4) Submit the form.  

5) The current and future lessons will be updated with the new cost and wage

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