Quickbooks Sync Settings

After you've connected to QuickBooks, you'll need to make a few selections that will determine which accounts are used to record different types of transactions.  Follow these steps:

1. Go to the Quickbooks Settings page by clicking the "Settings" link under the Quickbooks section of the Integrations & Add-ons page.

2. In the "Sales Account" field, select the sales account that you want to record invoice sales to.  A typical selection would be "Sales" or "Services".

3. In the "Discount Account" field select the account where discounts will be recorded to.  You may want to create an account called "Discounts" in your QuickBooks account if it doesn't already exist.  If you do not make a selection, discounts will be recorded to your selection from the "Sales Account" field.

4. Select the "Tax Code" that will be used for the sales tax on any of your invoices. You will need to set up at least one sales tax account before making this selection. 

Important: I
f you don't select a tax account, invoices with sales tax will be synced without the sales tax.

Global Users: If you use the global version of QuickBooks (ie. all non-US users) you must add a sale tax rate in QuickBooks and then select it in the "Tax Code" field in Teachworks in order to sync invoices with sales tax.

5. In the "Deposit Account" select the account that payments should be deposited to.  If this field is left blank, deposits will be recorded to QuickBooks "Undeposited Funds" account.

6. The "Start Date" field allows you to only sync invoices, credit notes and payments beginning with the date entered.  This is useful if invoices that are in your Teachworks account have already been entered manually in QuickBooks.

7. Invoice Payment Options: Select this option if you send invoices to your customers directly from Quickbooks and collect online payments using the Quickbooks Online Payment Feature. You can find more information on Quickbooks online payments here: Quickbooks Payments

8. If you don't want to sync payments then check the "Exclude Payments" box.

9. If you wish to also sync the description included in your Teachworks invoices, click on "Enable" under "Invoice Instructions". 

Once you've completed the steps above you'll be ready to sync your Teachworks account to QuickBooks.

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