Recording Non-Hourly Compensation

If you pay your teachers non-hourly compensation such as salaries, bonuses, referral fees or reimbursements you can record this compensation in Teachworks.

To record non-hourly compensation follow these steps:

1. Under the Employees tab click Employee Hours.
2. Find the employee in the list and click the magnifying glass icon in their row.
3. The page will display the employee's lesson hours, other hours and other compensation.
4. Next to the heading for "Other Compensation" click the "Add" link.
5. Complete the form with the details of the compensation and submit the form.
6. Once the form has been submitted you'll be directed back to the original page and you will should see the compensation record in the table.  If it doesn't appear, adjust the dates at the top of the page to include the date of the compensation.

Note: If you have accidentally overpaid a teacher, and you would like to balance the total, you can use a negative value when you are recording non-hourly compensation.

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