Note & Communication Logs Add-on

The Note & Communication Logs add-on allows you to record notes or log communications on a customer or student's profile. These logs are for internal use and are not visible to families or students. 

Enabling Note & Communication Logs

Because this is an add-on you'll need to enable this feature first in order to be able to use it.

1. Go to the Account & Settings tab and click the "Integrations & Add-ons" option.
2. Find the "Note & Communication Logs" add-on and click the "Enable" link.

Once enabled a "Notes & Communications" section will be visible on family and student profiles.

Adding a Record

To add an entry follow these steps:

1. Scroll down to the "Notes & Communications" section on the customer or student profile.

2. Click the "Add Record" option next to the heading.  This is visible to admin and staff with the ability to manage students.  It's also visible on student profiles for the student's teacher. This will open a window.

3. Enter the note in the text box.

4. Choose whether the record is for "Office Only" which will only allow admins and staff to view the record, or for "Office & Teachers" which also allows teachers to view the record.

5. Submit the form.

6. The Notes & Communications field will be updated and display the new record.

Editing a Record

A record can be edited by clicking the Edit icon next to the record and making your changes.  Teachers can only edit records that they've added.

Deleting a Record

To delete a record, click the Delete icon next to the record and then confirm the deletion in the pop-up. Teachers can only delete records that they've added.

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