Results Tracking Add-On

The results tracking add-on allows you to track student results such as test scores or grades over time.

Enabling Result Tracking

To enable this feature follow these steps:

1. Log in as the administrator or staff with Settings permission.

2. Go the the Account & Settings tab and click the "Integrations & Add-Ons" option.

3. Find the "Results Tracking" add-on and click the "Enable" link.

Adding Results

To add results for a student, follow these steps:

1. Go to the student's profile.

2. Scroll down to the section with the heading "Results".

3. Click the "Add Result" link next to the heading.

4. Complete the form by selecting or adding a new result group, entering a date, and entering the result value. 

5. Submit the form and the result group table will be updated.

Viewing Results

A student's result groups will be displayed on their profile below the "Results" heading.  To view results in a group click the "View Results" icon in the row of the result group.  This will direct you to the result group page that shows a chart with the results and a list of the results below it.

Employee Permissions

An employee's ability to view or manage results are determined by the "Student" permission setting on their profile.

Teachers are able to see the results tracking for the students assigned to them. 

Multiple Test Scores (SAT / ACT)

You can also capture and graph multiple test scores with the Results Add-On (this is great for SAT or ACT scores for example). To do this, follow these steps:

1. Go to Students -> Results Tracking
2. Click the “Results Group” link in the sidebar to add a new group.
3. Add in a title and comma separated sections (such as English, Math, Reading Comprehension, Science)
4. Click “Add”

Note: You can also add a new Results Group at the time that you’re adding results.

5. Go to the Students list and click the relevant student’s name.
6. Scroll to the “Results Tracking” section and click on “Add Result”
7. Select the relevant result group (or add a new one), add a date and then input comma separated scores in the same sequence as the sections that you added
8. A bar graph will be rendered automatically based on the data that you’ve entered

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