Deleting All Lessons on a Date

If you need to delete all lessons on a specific date such as a holiday follow these instructions:

1. Log in as the admin or a staff user with permission to manage calendar events.

2. Go to the calendar "Month" view.

3. Clear the filter, if the calendar is currently filtered.

4. Hover your cursor over the triangle icon in the upper left corner of the date that you want to clear.

5. Click the "Delete" link in the pop-up.

6. On the Delete form select whether you want to delete lessons, other events or both.  

7. Submit the form and the events will be deleted.

Additional Notes
  • Not all other events may be visible on the main calendar, so if you choose an option to delete other events be aware that all other events will be deleted on that date even if they aren't visible on the main calendar.
  • Only events that begin on the selected date will be deleted.  Events that begin on a different date and end on the selected date will not be deleted.
Need more help? Watch a video here.

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