Reviewing Lesson Notes Before Sending

If you would like to review your teacher's lesson notes before they are sent to students or parents, follow these steps:

Initial Setup
  1. On your teachers' profiles, set the "Send Lesson Notes" permission to "Off".
  2. Teachers will be able to enter lesson notes and complete their lessons, but the check box to send notes will not be displayed.
Reviewing & Sending Notes
  1. Log in as the admin or a staff member with permission to send notes.
  2. Go to the Calendar tab and click on the Lesson History by Student option.
  3. In the first drop-down menu at the top of the table select "Unsent Notes" and click the "Go" button.
  4. The table will be updated with all lessons that have unsent notes.  Click on the "Complete" icon next to the first lesson.
  5. Review the notes and check the box next to "Email Shared Notes".
  6. Use the toggle button on the "Submit & Next" button and click the "Next Unsent" option.  This will bring you to the next lesson with unsent notes. You can repeat this process until you've reviewed and sent notes for all lessons with unsent notes.

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