Custom Enrollment Forms Add-on

The Custom Forms Add-on allows you to create custom forms for collecting registration or enrollment information from potential clients, individual students or employees and then saving it as a profile in your Teachworks account. 

This is an example of a Custom Student Enrollment form that includes Custom Profile Fields

Creating Custom Forms

Follow these steps to create or manage your custom forms:

1. Log into your admin account and go to the Account & Settings tab and click the "Integrations & Add-ons" option.

2. Find the "Custom Forms" add-on.

3. Click the "Add New" link.

4. Select the type of form that you want to create and click the "Next" button.  You can choose from:
  • Family - this allows you to include form fields for a family profile and child students.
  • Independent - this form is for independent students that are not part of a family (typically adult students).
  • Employee - this form is for accepting applications from potential employees
Form Settings

The general form setting fields are displayed at the top of the form.

1. Form Title - This will be displayed at the top of the form.

2.  Form URL - This field will be populated by creating a url-friendly version of the title.  This will be included in the URL for your form.

7. Redirect URL - If you want your form to redirect back to your website or a particular page on your website, you can enter URL in this field.  Make sure that you begin the link with "http://".  If this field is left empty then after the form is submitted it will redirect back to the same page and will display a message indicating that the information has been received.

Required Form Fields

Some fields will be pre-populated and are required to be included on the form since they are required fields for profiles in Teachworks. You can customize the label that will be displayed on the form for each of these fields.

First and last names are required for an enrollment form to be submitted. If you've included the credit card field, then a valid credit card must be entered to submit the form.

Additional Form Fields

You can add as many additional fields to your form as you would like. To add a field, follow these steps:

1. Click the "Add Row" link below the existing form fields.

2. From the "Field" select menu, select the field that you want to display on the form in this position.

3. There are up to three types of form fields:
  1. Standard Fields - these are the fields that are included on all profiles in Teachworks, such as first name, last name, email, address, etc.
  2. Custom Fields - these are fields that you have added to student or employee profiles using the "Custom Profile Fields" add-on.
  3. Formatting Fields - these fields allow you to add formatting to the form such as dividers, line breaks or section headings.
4. When you make a selection from the Field menu, the "Label" field will be populated with the name of the field that you added.  If you want to change the wording you can modify the label field.

5. Repeat this process for each field that you want to add to your form.

6. If you need to remove a field, click the "Remove" link next to the label field.

7. Once you've added all of the fields, click the "Save" button.

8. The custom form will be added to your Custom Forms table where you can:
  • Click the "View" icon to see the form,
  • Click the "Edit" icon to make changes
  • Click the "Delete" icon to delete the form.
The table also displays the URL for your form which you can use when adding a button or link to the form from your website or job board postings.

Note About Family Forms

Unlike the individual student and employee forms, the family form has two sections.

The top section of this form displays the information for the family such as the parent's name and contact details.  

The bottom section is the student section where families can add information related to their children such as name, subjects, and notes regarding teaching.

If a family has more than one student they will be able to click an "Add Student" link to add an additional set of student fields.

Directing People to Your Form

After creating a form a link will appear for the form in the Custom Forms table.  

If you have a website you can add a button or link to your website that directs users to your enrollment form.  Or you could also email the link to your form to potential employees or students.

Adding Terms to Your Forms

You can also add a "Terms" field to your form. Each time you revise your terms, a time stamp will be saved with the exact terms customers/employees opted in for. You can click on the "Past Terms Versions" link in the sidebar on the Forms page to view all past terms.

The "Terms Version History" table includes the following columns: Time Stamp, Form Name, Form Type and Terms. 

If a customer signed up for your services through a form with terms included, this will be indicated in the sidebar when viewing their profile. Similarly, if an employee applied through your application form, this will be indicated in the sidebar when viewing their profile. You can use the "Create Date" of their profile to determine which version of the terms they opted in for.

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