Lesson Requests Add-on

The Lesson Requests add-on allows clients to request lessons through their teachworks accounts. 

Enabling Lesson Requests
To enable the Lesson Requests add-on, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Integrations & Add-Ons option under the Account & Settings tab.
2. Find the "Lesson Requests" add-on and click the "Enable" link.
3. Once enabled you can click the "Manage" link to enter instructions and to enable Teacher Responses.
  • Instructions are displayed at the top of the Lesson Request form in client accounts to provide them with instructions or requirements for lesson requests.
  • Enabling Teacher Responses will send new lesson request notifications to teachers and will allow teachers to accept or decline requests.
  • Enabling Child Student Requests allows child students to request lessons.  By default requests can only be made from Family and Independent Student  accounts.
Client Accounts
Once Lesson Requests have been enabled, the navigation menu in client accounts will include a "Request Lesson" and "Pending Requests" options under the Calendar tab.

The client calendar will also display a teacher filter allowing them to select any of their default teachers in order to view the teacher's availability.

The Lesson Request form will display any instructions that you've included in the add-on settings and will include some basic lesson form fields.  It also includes a "Comments" field where the client can include additional details about the request such as recurring lessons.

Client's will be able to select any teacher that has been selected in the "Teachers" field on the student's profile.  

When a client requests a lesson, an email will be sent to your company email address to notify you of the request and provide some details about the request.  

If you've enabled Teacher Responses then the teacher in the requested lesson will also receive a notification email.

Responding to a Request
To respond to a request you will need to log into an account that has permission to respond to requests.  This includes the company admin account, staff accounts with "Manage" permission for calendar lessons, and if you have Teacher Responses enabled teachers with "Manage" permission for lessons.

To respond to a lesson request follow these steps:

1. Go to the Lesson Requests table under the Calendar tab.
2. Click the "Respond" link in the row of the lesson request.
3. The form will be the same as the "Edit Lesson" form with a few additions.  Review the lesson settings and make any changes if necessary.
4. If you want to include comments in the response sent to the client, enter them in the Response Comments field.
5. If you don't want to send a response, check the "Don't Send Response" check box.
6. If you are accepting the request, click the "Accept" button. To decline the request, click the "Decline" button.
7. If accepted the lesson is saved with any changes and will appear on the calendar like a regular lesson.  If declined, the lesson request will be deleted.

Response Templates
You can customize the templates for lesson request responses.  These templates include accepted, modified and declined responses. You can customize these by following the instructions for customizing notification templates in this article: Customizing Notification Templates.

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