Getting Employee Hours Data

Depending on how you need to use the data, you can choose from several different ways to get employee hours and earnings data from Teachworks.

Employee Hours Basic
If you just need the total hours and earnings for a period for each employee you can go to the Employee Hours table, set the date range, and download the hours to Excel using the link in the sidebar.  This includes the number of lessons, number of hours, earnings and payments.

Employee Hours Detailed - Single Employee
If you need the hours for each lesson separately you can go to the Employee Hours table and click an employees row, set the date range, and then click the link in the sidebar to download their hours. With this method the exported Excel file will be for only a single employee. 

Employee Hours Detailed - Multiple Employees
With the previous method, each file is for only a single employee, so if you want to download all employee lessons for a period and then sort and subtotal them in Excel you can go to the Lesson History page under the Calendar tab. Set the date range at the top and export to Excel. In Excel you can sort and subtotal as needed.

Lesson Summaries Report
You can also use the Lesson Summaries Report under the Reports tab to get employee hours for a period of time.  For the data type select "Lessons".  Select a date range and set the options for how you would like the data to be displayed. You can also choose which columns to include in the results. The results can be copied and pasted into Excel.

Need some more help? Watch a video here.

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