Resetting Synced Records

When you sync records to QuickBooks Online, the corresponding record in Teachworks is updated with the ID number for that record in your QuickBooks account, as well as a timestamp for the last time the record was synced.

If you've synced your records, but for some reason you need to be able to re-sync all of the records, you can use the "Reset Synced Records" feature in the QuickBooks add-on.  Possible reasons for resetting your synced records include:
  • you were just testing the add-on and have since deleted the synced records from QuickBooks
  • you are connecting to a new QuickBooks account and you want to sync records to that account
  • you created errors by deleting records in QuickBooks instead of in Teachworks, and now you want to re-sync the records from Teachworks.
Follow these steps to reset your synced records:
  1. In your admin account, go to the Account & Settings tab and click the Integrations & Add-Ons option
  2. Find the QuickBooks Online Add-on and click the "Sync" link.
  3. In the sidebar, click the "Reset Synced Records" link.
  4. Read the details on the next page and confirm that you wan to reset the synced records.
  5. Click the "Reset Synced Records" button.

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