Mailchimp Integration

The Mailchimp Add-On allows you to sync your students, families, and employees to Mailchimp. 

  1. Log into your administrator account and go to Account & Settings and click on the Integrations & Add-Ons option.
  2. Find the Mailchimp Add-On.
  3. Click the "Enable" link.
  4. Once enabled, click the "Manage" link.
  1. After clicking the "Manage" link from the instructions above, enter your Mailchimp API key and submit the form.  You can click the link below the field to go to the page in your Mailchimp account where the API key is displayed.
  2. Check the "Opt-In" box for Mailchimp to send a confirmation email to each person before they're added to your lists. 
  3. Under the Students section select the list that you want to add your students to in Mailchimp.  If you don't yet have a list in Mailchimp, you will need to create a list in your Mailchimp account.
  4. Choose the status of students that you want to sync. If you don't want to sync any students, leave the status field blank.
  5. Select the values from the student's profile that you want to use as merge variables.  These can be used for adding custom content to emails and for segmenting your list.  First and last names are included automatically as merge tags with the values FNAME and LNAME. Ensure that these tags exist in the list that you are syncing to in order for recipient names to be synced.
  6. Repeat the above steps for Families and Employees.
  7. Submit the form to save your settings.
  1. From the Integrations & Add-Ons page click the "Sync" option under the MailChimp add-on.
  2. Click the "Sync to Mailchimp" button to sync your contacts to MailChimp.  If the record already exists on the list in MailChimp, it will be updated; otherwise, a new contact will be added to the list. 
  3. You can view your MailChimp account to see the synced records.  If any errors occurred while syncing, these will be displayed on the Sync page.
Automatic Syncing

You can choose to automatically sync MailChimp lists by clicking in the "Automatic Sync" box at the bottom of the integration page. By checking this box, the system will automatically check for new contacts every 12 hours and automatically sync to your MailChimp lists. 

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