Incrementing Student Grade Levels

In order to keep the grade levels listed on your students' profiles up-to-date, you can update the grade levels for multiple students at the same time.

To update student grade levels, follow these steps:
  1. Log into your admin account or log in as a staff employee with permission to edit students and account settings.
  2. Go to the Students table and click the "Increment Grade Levels" link in the sidebar.
  3. The form will display a list of all of the grade levels for your students.  For each grade level enter the new value in the text field displayed next to the grade level.
  4. If you don't want to update a specific grade, click the "X" icon to remove it.  If you leave the text field next to a grade level, that grade will be replaced with a blank value.
  5. You can choose which students to apply the changes to based on the date that they were created. You can choose to apply the changes to students created on or before a specific date or after a date.
  6. Submit the form.
Your student records will be updated in the background with the changes that you've specified.  Your changes are displayed in the Grade Level Change Log table.

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