Lending Library Add-on

The Lending Library Add-on allows you to create records for items that you lend to your students.  You can then check out items to a student and set a due date for the item to be returned.

To enable the Lending Library Add-on, follow these steps:

1. Log into your Administrator account and go to the Account & Settings tab and click the "Integrations & Add-ons" option.

2. Find the Lending Library add-on and click the "Enable" link.

1. To adjust the settings go to the Integrations & Add-ons page and click the "Settings" link under the Lending Library add-on.

2. Manage Permission - You can choose to allow only the administrator and staff to check items out of the library, or you can allow teachers to check out items as well by selecting the corresponding radio button.

3. Reminder Emails - If you want to send an email to the student who has borrowed an item when the item is due, you can check the box for this feature.

4. Save your settings.

Once enabled, the Lending Library add-on will appear below the Students tab.  Click the option to view the Lending Library.

1. Adding an Item - To add an item, click the "Add Item" option in the sidebar.  A window will open allowing you to enter a name for the item and a description. Submit the form.

2. Checking Out an Item - To check out an item, click the "Checkout" icon in the row of the item.  A window will open allowing you to select a student and set the loan date and the due date. Submit the form.

3. Checking In an Item - To check in an item, check the box next to the item name.  At the top of the table you'll see a "Check In" button.  You can check in multiple items at once by checking the boxes next to all of the items that you want to check in.  Click the button and the items will be checked in.

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